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Oct 30, 2020

We Promote the Use of Solar Energy to Combat Climate Change

We Promote the Use of Solar Energy to Combat Climate Change

While climate change threatens us in every aspect of our lives, Solar Energy, one of the renewable energy resources that has the biggest role in this struggle, continues to be a center of attraction not only for private sector investments but also for public and individual investments.

There is a need for strong dialogue between the solar energy sector and other sectors and fields in order to expand the use of solar energy and accelerate the transition to solar energy, which appeals to a promising and widespread user base. Green Solar Network; It was established as a network of non-governmental organizations that create connections between the solar sector and other sectors with the aim of promoting the use of solar energy to combat climate change. In line with this purpose, it serves as a network that can be used by companies, industrialists, enterprises, universities and municipalities, especially Civil Society Organizations.

It carries out activities that will encourage and expand the use of solar energy. In this direction, it shares relevant news and information, produces and shares useful content and applications about solar energy use and investment, closely follows the changes in legislation and regulations, informs its members, brings together the solar energy sector and other sectors, creates videos and publications on the subject, organizes conferences, seminars and trainings to raise awareness. The use of solar energy enables its members to both grow and take a role in combating climate change by increasing their investments and opportunities.

Green Solar Network develops and continues its activities with survey studies, research studies and workshops in order to popularize the use of solar energy according to the needs and demands of its members in line with its foundation framework. If you want to take part in solar energy in the Green Solar Network, you can complete the membership process by clicking on the Network Membership Conditions.

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